7 Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life

Here are 7 basic ways you can help prolong your battery power on your iPhone (outside of just carrying around an extra battery). Below is a list of all seven covered, and in the video I show you how to adjust each one. I would love to hear your own suggestions in the comments below!

① ⚡️Use Low Power Mode – Low Power Mode isn’t new, but it is helpful when you need your battery to last longer than usual.

② 🔦Lower your flashlight brightness – You can actually choose the brightness level of the iPhone flashlight on the fly.

③ 🎆 Disable some visual effects – All of the visual effects cost some measure of processing power, which equals battery usage. You can turn some of them off.

④ 🔆 Use auto-brightness – Tell your iPhone to automatically adjust brightness based on the lighting levels in the environment you are in.

⑤ 📩 Adjust your push and fetch settings – You can change how often your iPhone checks for new email or other cloud data.

⑥ ✋🏼Tweak the background app activities – Tell specific apps NOT to check for new data in the background. It can be a real battery drain!

⑦ 🔒Shorten the Auto-Lock timing – Tell your iPhone to automatically lock after a shorter duration.

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